Amazon Development Center India

Saturday, September 25, 2004

In search of Smart, Talented, Software Development Engineers

We are looking for smart, talented, independent, and experienced software development engineers.

Successful candidates will have 2-50 years of software engineering and product delivery experience, with strong background in algorithms and high performance distributed systems. Experience in search software is a plus, but not a requirement. Candidates must have a proven ability to design reliable, maintainable code in C/C++, Java and a firm understanding of UNIX, Web technologies, and application programming.

Candidates must be innovative, flexible, and self-directed; they should be passionate about what they do; they should show a willingness to share, discuss, and brainstorm ideas; they should strive to invent and implement new software products that help people. A graduate degree in computer science or related fields, or equivalent experience, is required.

We offer an open dynamic work environment, competitive benefits, and all the excitement that comes from doing something new and being there right from the beginning. If you love to be independent, with long term goals, working on your own creations, pushing the envelope. You will be rewarded by seeing your creations used by tens of millions of people.

If you or someone you know are interested to learn more about these opportunities, please drop in a mail to, and we'll take it from there.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Design Patterns

The Race Course office interiors are ready for a design.We are looking for ideas and designs that mirror the essence of us Amazonians. Inspiring. Innovative. Frugal yet functional. Simple, yet stylish.Door Desks. Seamless meeting spaces. Whiteboards – on tabletops, whiteboards in the elevators. Individuals in teamrooms. Timelines. Open spaces. Open to ideas….

Would love to hear from you….

Blogging 101

Wanted to write more…. But then the devil IS in the details. Is this blog for internal and external audiences to read? What should I write about? What theme would we have? Our work culture? Technology? Our products? Product releases? Will my blog have some structure? Definition? Should it? Should there be rules? Should someone monitor for the content? Can we have guest bloggers....

Hey, but that’s against the spirit of blogging right? Blogs are for people who love to write. Free spirits who believe in the freedom of expression. Why the boundaries? Protocols? Blogettiquette?

We still have to decide. Maybe it will take time, maybe it won’t. Or, maybe there is a much simpler way of doing this. We’ll figure it out…slowly, but surely. Till then, I’ll let the words flow….

Hello World!

Vivek, Lalitha, Ruchi, Pari, Anand, Bharat, Kapil, Amit, Amol, Vijayashree, Rupa. Put all of us in 3 office cubes; add the laptops, minus the VPN’s (all but one waiting to be reflashed), multiply the chaos, divide the challenge – and - what you get is our stellar India Development Center Team…all in the process of working hard…having fun…making history!

Wonder what are we all working hard at? Our two self contained business divisions here will focus on solving extremely challenging technical problems in areas of Search, Information Retrieval, Security, Distributed Systems and Secure Transaction Processing....and more!

Well, stay tuned to this blogspot to get to know us folks better!