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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Building Blocks of Innovation

Amazon’s development center in India is all about innovation. Everything we are involved in is focused on innovating in the space we are in. We are focused on some of the biggest game-changing initiatives in extremely competitive areas where innovation is the key to success and the environment that we work plays an important role in getting us in the ‘zone’ [1].

Innovation is a tricky thing. Creativity can never be forced. That creativity needs a free mind and an environment that encourages new ideas is an obvious and almost an overstated fact [2]. However, this is something that we are passionate about. We like to exercise our creativity (More about our internal Creative Expression contest soon), surround ourselves with things that challenge our brain cells and at the same time open our eyes to innovation in other places. We also recognize the role of natural light in creating healthy thinking spaces [3] and we have plenty of it.

Our space provides us with the ability to create thinking spaces almost anywhere (epiphanies are not planned). The environment reflects our passion for building blocks enabling innovation and keeping them simple. It allows us to innovate ourselves and at the same time enable others to innovate in ways we never imagined.

We want our work environment to exemplify our philosophies and culture and provide our teams of innovators, builders and owners an environment fostering creativity. It is clearly day 1 and our quest is a creative experience in itself that each of us in Bangalore is a significant participant in.

[1] "Where do these people get their (unoriginal) ideas?" Joel-on-software.

[2] "Innovative Space Exploration: Designing your optimal creative Environment" by Jonathan Vehar at

[3] "The Role of Light in health" at


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