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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Great Automatic Grammatizator

“Blossoms, Church street,” said Mr. Murthy from The Select Bookstore. That is where you may find the original versions of the Amar Chitra Kathas and Indrajal Comics.

I came to Bangalore a few months ago from Seattle and I wanted to buy the books of my childhood for my 5 year old Aman. Blossoms had a good collection of these and more – Amar Chitra Kathas, Indrajal, Tinkle, Target, Enid Blyton, ...I picked my red shopping basket, collecting the best of these… reminiscing through my younger days.

The children’s’ section had a great collection. I bought two of my all time favorites - James and the Giant peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Raold Dahl. I stumbled upon Boy: Tales of childhood by Dahl. I hadn’t read this one before. It was a book inviting readers into the younger days of Dahl. This one was for me! And this one too – The Great Automatic Grammatizator and other stories by the same author. I came out of Blossoms looking like an ancient library. I was happy with my investment.

The Great Automatic Grammatizator is a precious story. . Set in a time when the great mathematical engine was being built. This Classic is a story of a young aspiring writer who builds a story- writing machine. A machine which can, at the click of pre-selector buttons conjure stories with anything one would want in it. Satirical, Power, Mystery, Profundity…anything!

Of course I could arrange my little story brilliantly with a little help :-) I searched for the Grammatizator on Apart for the book, I got a message that read : Refine your search: Find grammatizator in these categories:. I searched on and it pointed me to the book. I tried searching Google, just in case…Same results..

I guess Dahl’s story was an idea ahead of his time and ours too - In the time of great online search engines, the Grammatizator is yet to happen.


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